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Jul 31st, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

You people are really keeping us busy. The submissions keep on coming.

We’ve whittled them down to a slim pool… it turned out to be tougher than we expected. I don’t know why I’d be surprised, it makes perfect sense: the more submissions we get, the more impressive a pool to choose from. You know, based on averages. There are a few we’ll end up being forced to reject that we’ll be very disappointed about. But there are a few submissions this month that really wowed us. I didn’t have time to send any rejections today, but I’ll get to some of them tomorrow. Remember, tomorrow is the last day to submit to Child Fiction! (Next month is Horror.)

If tomorrow’s the last day for accepting submissions to Issue 10, then that means it’s also the eve of Release Day! This one kind of crept up on me – not that we’re not ready for it, but I’ve been so distracted with planning for WorldCon that I looked up this evening and said “Oh, right. Tomorrow night we have an issue to release!” I’m glad I remembered!

Regarding submitting to us: I’ve gotten a few emails asking us to confirm that we received submissions. When you submit, the form is supposed to display a message just under the SEND button that says “Your message has been sent successfully” (or very close to that.) I think it may not be working every time, although each query I’ve gotten, we had received the submission, so I don’ t think there’s a problem with the actual sending. When I have time (which means after WorldCon), I’m going to see if the form can auto-generate a confirmation email to the author so there’s no doubts. If I get that working I’ll let you all know.

Kay and I made up a list of everything we could think of that we need to get done before WorldCon, and another of everything we need to take. There was a little battle to see which list would be longer, and as is usually the case in battles, there was no winner. So many things to keep track of. This is why lists exist. This is going to be a hell of a busy weekend.

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