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Dec 16th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

This blog has become severely neglected recently. I’m very sorry for that – this season does create chaos. I’ll be so glad when it’s over. But I would anticipate updates staying sporadic until January.

A few bullet points to summarize what’s been going on:

  • The proof for Issue 14 has been shipped and is on the way. It’s looking pretty nice – I think the cover art is going to be very sharp. Interestingly, Issue 14 became (through necessity) our first ever issue with nothing but fiction: our planned article fell through. But that’s okay, because we received a TON of submissions and were able to pick out 6 very good stories to include. We were a little disappointed that we didn’t see a bit more in the way of Eastern Folklore represented, but otherwise we were very pleased.
  • Speaking of submissions, this month is off the charts. The last few days have slowed down a bit, but even at our current pace we’ll eclipse even the LGBTQ month (which was an outlier) by 17%.
  • The anthology hit a snag when the cover art we received simply wasn’t right for us. We considered it but ultimately had to turn it down; the artist is talented but the piece he created was just wrong for the anthology. Fortunately we had a contingency plan which seems to be working out (*KNOCK WOOD*) We should still be on target for our release date of Feb. 1, although we may end up shipping out the preorders a week or so later than we’d planned (still within January).
  • The announcement of The Little Death of Crossed Genres has been small but positive. The “small” probably comes from us not promoting it after the first day, due to other responsibilities. But Little Death has no set time frame, so we’re in no hurry. We have started to receive submissions, which is awesome.
  • Remember that this month is the FINAL MONTH to read and/or purchase Issue 2! as of January 1 it’ll be removed from the site and that’s the last it’ll ever be made available!

At this point you can pretty much always assume that we have stuff going on that we’re just not ready to announce yet. This may very well be our perpetual state of being; by the time we’re ready to announce something we’ve started another something that we have to wait to talk about, rinse lather repeat. I’ll do my best not to tease you too much (but I make no promises).

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