into the cumulus/like released balloons

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So very much to mention, I’m going to do bullet points and try to keep everything short!

  • As I posted about last night, Issue 15 has been released! The Any Previous Genre issue came out brilliantly. It’s all free on the site, please enjoy!
  • As I also posted about last night, today is also the release day for Crossed Genres Year One, our first anthology! Thus far response has been excellent. If you have a copy, please consider blogging about it, or leaving a review on Amazon – it would really help us out!
  • Another very easy way to help out would be to please fill out our short survey about print subscriptions to Crossed Genres. A number of people have asked us about them and we’d like to gauge interest.
  • We ended up with a decent number of submissions for the Steampunk issue, thanks to a large rush right near the end. For some reason this month saw more submissions with disqualifying errors than we’ve ever seen before – lots of subs that were too long, too short, not the right genre, or mediums we don’t publish. Kay and I will be doing some heavy reading the next few days.
  • Also, for some reason people seem to think that long titles are required for Steampunk: we received 18 submissions with 4 or more words in the title, 12 with 5 or more, and 6 with 6 or more. The longest had 14 words. We don’t object to long titles, but this collection was rather startling.
  • We are now accepting submissions for stories with AntiHeroes! Also, we’ve extended the number of Upcoming Genres we reveal through the next FIVE issues. Hopefully this will give some of you more time to plan and work on your submissions.
  • February will be the last chance to read or purchase Issue 4: CRIME. Those of you who’ve discovered CG recently might not know it, but when we started out we couldn’t afford to compensate our contributors except with copies of the magazine. Issue 4 was the first month for which we began offering token payments (and coincidentally, saw us double the number of submissions we received). Crime was a really terrific issue with some great fiction. Please take a look while you still can.
  • Finally: There are now more than 120 contributions to Post a Story For Haiti. It’s all free to read, but please consider donating to the relief efforts! The initial emergency may be faded, but Haiti is stil suffering, and will be for a very long time.

Post title from the poem “Blackbird, Fly” by E.J. Graff
carved into the brick ground in the subway station in Davis Square, Somerville, MA

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