Okay, we all knew I’d go ahead with this, right?

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Ever since we began Crossed Genres, I’ve felt that I should be keeping better track of our day-to-day operations. I thought it would help us identify ways to be more efficient in running everything and help the magazine production go as smoothly as possible.

It was only recently that I thought,  maybe a look at the day-to-day workings of a small young magazine would be beneficial for others: writers looking to get published, or folks who are considering starting their own magazine.

Author Faith Hunter invited me to write a guest blog on Magical Words describing (in very broad terms) what a month looks like for us. The post went up on Friday, April 10; the response was very positive, and enough people expressed interest in the daily blog that I decided to go ahead with it.

What to expect: Some posts will be long, some short – depending on if anything particularly exciting happened that day, and how much time I have to write. I will do my best to post something every day, including weekends (since work on CG doesn’t stop when the work week does).

There will be some things I won’t include, like the names of submitters, for example. But I’ll be as transparent as is morally and responsibly possible. You also might find a sneak preview or two here… at the very least this is probably where I’ll make over-excited posts along the lines of “[Awesome author/ agent/ editor/ snake charmer] is going to be in the next issue!!11!!1!!!ONE!!”

My co-editor Kay will also make the occasional post about her work on CG.

Questions: We love them! We’ll do our best to answer questions in the comments as time permits. We’ll also do an occasional Q&A post: if you have a question that didn’t get answered or doesn’t relate to a post, please send it to questions@crossedgenres.com and We’ll see about including it in an upcoming Q&A.

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