Issue 19 TOC, and more!

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Here’s the Table of Contents for issue 19: GADGETS & ARTIFACTS!

“Last Tango in Gamma Sector” by Michael R. Underwood
“Conflicts” by Timothy T. Murphy
“The Crate” by Daniel José Older
“Peace Signs” by Wendy N. Wagner
“Combat Stress Reaction” by Don Pizarro

“Science Fiction, Fantasy, Artifacts & Gadgets: Just the Basics” by Craig Allen

“Artefacts” by Lisa Grabenstetter and Evan Jensen

Issue 19 comes out on June 1.

We’re gearing up for a BUSY summer for CG. There’s SiMF and the contest, new issues, we’re prepping for our oversized “Characters of Color” issue (Submissions: September. Release: November 1). AND! We’re doing our FLASH FICTION CONTEST again! We had so much fun with it last year that we’re doing it again in June! So prep your stories – submissions will be open the first 2 weeks of June ONLY!

We are SO CLOSE on the Science in My Fiction contest Kickstarter drive!

Just $25 shy of our goal – so close we can taste it! Please consider making a pledge and pushing us over the top. Remember, the more pledges we get, the better the print edition will be!

We also announced that artist Julie Dillon, who created the applauded cover to our LGBTQ issue, will be providing the cover art for the SiMF contest print edition! Yay!

SiMF has gotten some nice attention lately. Author Jay Lake recently linked to one of Kay’s posts, saying “I am really digging this new-to-me site”. Author Steven Gould said SiMF “is turning into a must-read site for SF writers”. SiMF also has 4 new bloggers whose first posts will be appearing soon.

Remember! This is the LAST MONTH to check out Issue 7: URBAN! This was a terrific issue, and featured the widely acknowledged (and unintentionally controversial) cover art from Jamaican artist Paul Davey:

Speaking of issue 7: Congratulations to Nathan Crowder, whose story Deacon Carter’s Last Dime from issue 7 was featured on! Please read the issue for free, and consider picking up a copy before it goes away forever!

Duotrope, one of the best resources for short story markets, has introduced an Editor Interview feature that they’re beta-testing right now. And I did one! Go read my 12-question interview.

Back to the grind, so to speak. Working on finishing up issue 19, and prepping for all the above awesomeness. As soon as the SiMF contest hits its goal I’ll start on the print edition in earnest.

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