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Nov 5th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Sory for the lack of posting in the past few days. The release of Issue 12, and then me and my whole family getting sick, slowed us down considerably. I think we knew we were all getting sick even back around the 30th, but we beat it back until after our party and the release; then it hit us hard, and we’re still recovering.

The party was a lot of fun, and the release went amazingly well. We actually surpassed our previous best for monthly traffic on the 3rd! A lot of that can be attributed to David Willis, who linked to his comic contribution to the issue and sent a good percentage of his tens of thousands of readers to our site. But even without that, the traffic and response to the issue has been extremely strong.

The only problem we’ve encountered thus far is that, while people seem to be reading and enjoying the issue, very few are actually buying it. We’re still not anywhere near breaking even on the issue, which we need to do in order to keep Crossed Genres going! Please support CG by purchasing a copy!

Or you could help us out by preordering the first CG anthology! It’s discounted and comes with a FREE online subscription! We need 150 preorders to make it happen!

Because of sickness slowing us down, we haven’t contacted anyone about their Issue 13 submissions yet. We have read them all and narrowed it down significantly, but we’ve requested a rewrite on one story and the results of that will determine our final choices of what to accept. If you’re waiting to hear back from us about a submission, expect an email within the next day or two. Sorry about the delay.

Speaking of submissions, just yesterday we announced a change in the genre for December submissions: Instead of “Parents”, as we’d previously listed, in December we’ll be accepting submissions to Any Previous Genre! Read more details here.

We’re currently accepting submissions to FOLKLORE. They’re coming in at a decent clip already, which is nice: submissions to Action/Adventure were fine, but the fewest we’ve had in 4 months. (We kind of expected that might happen, coming off the flood from the LGBTQ issue.)

So much going on! In addition to promoting issue 12, putting together issue 13 and taking in subs for issue 14, we’re working on the anthology ahead of its February 1 release. Kay is working with RJ Astruc on editing Festival of Skeletons, which will begin its serialization for subscribers in January. There’s more projects that we’re only talking about now, since we don’t have time for them. Yeesh!

Tonight I’ll do a proper “What I did today” post, to hopefully get back into the daily-posting routine.

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