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Sometimes, even when you really don’t like alcohol and have it maybe once a year… even then, sometimes you feel the need for a stiff drink.

All contributors for Issue 9 have been contacted, and all but one have gotten back to us. I know the other one, and I’m not worried about their response. Contracts have begun to trickle in.

Rejections have been sent to everyone who should get one. That’s one of my least favorite parts of being an editor. As an aspiring writer myself, I know how it feels, and even a rejection with positive comments is discouraging; plus it means another rewrite – more work. Writing’s hard, man!

Editing has begun, although we’ve a ways to go. Busting our butts on it! Also, we haven’t got our cover art yet, but it’s just about finished. We’ve seen recent versions of it and it’s really shaping up! We should have it in a couple of days, right around the time we’ll be done with the editing.

Something interesting of note: a few people, in reviewing past issues of Crossed Genres, have noted that we have a rather high percentage of stories written by women. In double-checking, I found that it’s true; from issues 1-8, we had 21 stories by women and 18 stories by men. I’m not exactly sure of the percentages in other semipro or pro markets, but I believe they tend to run closer to 1/3 women, 2/3 men.

This isn’t something we do on purpose. In fact, when we read stories we try to ignore as much as possible about the writer, including sex: we really want to judge stories by their quality alone. So we’re often surprised when we see the balance after we’ve made our decisions. Case in point: issue 9. After making our final decisions, we looked at the 6 stories we’d accepted, and were pretty shocked to find that 5 were written by women. That’s the most dramatic slant we’ve seen yet. Not that it bothers us, it’s just very interesting. And it’s not actually because we’re getting so many more submissions from women, either. This month, 48% of submissions were from men, 52% from women – not that big a difference.

Ultimately, while it is interesting, I don’t think it really makes a difference. We’re not going to change how we do things based on knowing this – we’re still taking the stories we like best regardless of who wrote them.

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