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Aug 28th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

No post yesterday because Kay and I were up until the wee hours, talking about ways to make CG better for all of you!

Issue 11 is as prepped as I can make it at this point; the various templates are even filled in with as much info as we have now, and the internal images (like the big hulking monster that is the Horror image) have been sized and inserted in the documents. As we choose fiction and get content set I’ll be able to fill it out.

We’ve gotten a slew of new submissions in the past couple of days, but we’ve mostly kept up with it – there’s only a handful unread so far, and we should get through those tomorrow (assuming there’s no new submissions, although there’s a good chance there will be). By the way, submissions from women now make up just 21% of submissions this month. It really is startling.

Oh, and in today’s installment of What Not To Do When Submitting: Don’t send a submission on a standard white background with all bright yellow text. Seriously, what?

We got the proof in the mail today. It looks absolutely fabulous – except for one stupid mistake I made with the cover. Argh. I went through the inside carefully and it’s fine; the cover looks great too, except for one little thing. But the little thing’s in the formatting of the title, so it’s pretty obvious. There was no choice but to fix it (it took literally about 30 seconds) and resubmit the issue. Fortunately, since we know everything else with the issue is fine, we can order the new proof and then approve it before it even gets here. Hopefully I can do all of that tomorrow, in which case we’ll only have lost one day and the cost of the 2nd proof.

(The cover really does look brilliant. It’s just perfectly framed, the colors are beautifully vibrant and really leap out at you. Awesome.)

What Kay and I were talking about late into last night were some Big PlansTM we’re working on. It’s all still in the development stage, specifically communicating with the right people and building structures. But we’re not really ready to make any announcements yet.

Speaking of planning ahead: ever just had a million different ideas? Whether they be plot bunnies for stories, or blog post ideas, or crafts projects, you just had so many ideas and plans that you just couldn’t do them all at once, and you got really excited about them all and then were sad that there weren’t enough hours in the day to get to them all? Well, that’s pretty much how Kay and I feel all the time. This is why we’re busy pretty much every waking hour, and we stay up so there are more waking hours to fill. But as Kay said recently, we are not going to look back on this time and regret any of it. Well, except our failure to figure out how to add five hours to each day.

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