Kickstarter stretch goal: Bring back Crossed Genres Magazine!

May 22nd, 2012 | By | Category: CG Blog

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Now that we’ve reached our initial $4000 goal – in less than a day, yowza! – It’s time for a stretch goal. We thought up this goal at the beginning, but weren’t sure we’d get the chance to go for it – we thought $4k was ambitious! But here we are!

Crossed Genres Magazine, the genre-twisting zine that started it all, was retired at the end of 2011 after 36 issues. The zine, which was published free on the CG website (and as quarterly print/ebooks), had a different genre or theme each month, which writers had to combine with science fiction and/or fantasy. We covered everything from classic genres like Romance and Mystery; to archetypes (like a trio of issues: Heroes & Heroines, Sidekicks & Minions, and Villains); to more nebulous concepts like Anthropomorphism or Luck.

CG Magazine was our most effective way of continuously pushing progressive speculative fiction. During its run we dedicated issues to LGBTQ characters, characters of color, serious tales starring children… the final issue’s theme was Different – “who and what decides or defines our differences, and why; what sets us apart and how can differences bring us together.”

We were sad to see CG Magazine go, but the combination of lost money and time commitment was too much for us at the time. Since then, after much consideration and lamenting its loss, we’ve decided that if we can eliminate paying for the zine out-of-pocket, we’ll make time for it. We didn’t actually want to close the zine, and a lot of people were upset that it was gone – we received many emails that were flat-out furious – so we’re hopeful that we may be able to resurrect it.

Therefore: If the Kickstarter surpasses $5500 in total pledges, we will bring back Crossed Genres Magazine starting at the beginning of 2013!

Moreover, we wanted to make sure our pledgers get to reap the benefits of the resurrection. SO: If we do reach $5500, and re-launch the zine – everyone who pledges at least $25 will receive ebooks of the first year of the resurrected zine, for no extra, in addition to your pledge rewards! (YES this is retroactive. If you’ve already pledged, you’ll still benefit!)

We’re excited at the opportunity to throw ourselves back into the zine – we have over seven YEARS worth of monthly genres/themes we didn’t get to! So let’s bring it back & bring it on!

-Kay & Bart

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