Lists are a strange thing

May 20th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Ever notice how, when you make a list of things to do, there’s a compulsion to make the list shorter as fast as possible – even when the things that might take longer to clear off the list are more important?

I did work on the Kindle edition, and I’ll probably finish it tomorrow. And I took care of some minutiae with Project Wonderful, emailing and sorting some submissions. I did not get to some other things I’d meant to. Oh well.

Speaking of submissions, this month seems to have brought out a higher number of people doing weird things with their submissions. I think I’ll be doing a post of oddities soon, combined with some “Don’t Do That” items.

I spent some time chatting with Matt about possible solutions to spambots; Matt found a pretty cool plugin that adds “CAPTCHA”s. You know those little pictures of words on Registration pages, where you have to type the word in the picture in order to register? Crossed Genres has that now. It’s probably the most effective way to prevent spambots from registering false accounts… which has been a problem. There are probably about 25-35 “bot” accounts on CG: I really just noticed today, which is what prompted me to ask Matt about it. Damn annoying. Some are obvious, but I don’t want to accidentally delete a legit account, so some of them will stay. Fortunately CG required confirmation via email from the beginning, so those accounts never completed registration.

Haven’t had any time to try again to figure out the blasted .mobi files. I’ll get something up before the end of the month, but it might not be perfect.

Also, we’re still taking submissions for Novellas and Novels to be published serially on the site! If you’ve got a SF/F story 20,000 words and up, we’d like to see it!

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