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Sep 24th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Today was primarily a reading day. We had a mild uptick in submissions, which we hope means we’re hitting that rush we’ve been half-expecting. We’ve already read a few that we’re extremely pleased with, and barring some huge surprise will almost certainly be going in. That’s a good feeling, knowing there’s already a few that just really impressed us.

The submissions stand at a little over 65% from women this month, almost a complete reversal from last month. I don’t think it really means anything, but it’s very interesting. I’m really looking forward to tallying the first year’s totals to see what the demographics look like. (Of course there’s a lot of info we can’t know, because we don’t ask people to tell us those things. But I’m sure what we can glean will be interesting.)

We’re also reading some novel and novella submissions while we have a bit of time. There have been a couple of partials we received that we liked enough to ask for the entire story – Kay’s been reading a particular one today and has been thoroughly engrossed. I’ve read the partial and it’s interesting, so I’ll have to get started on reading it through. Maybe we’ll have something for the Subscribers Area soon! (Of course even if we do choose to accept something it’ll have to go through the editing process before we start releasing it online.)

Speaking of the subscribers area, it’s still down. The plugin is currently being revamped by the creators; I have no idea how long it’s going to take. Sorry about that. If you’re a subscriber who wanted to download the current issue, email us and we’ll send it to you (be sure to tell us if you want the PDF, the PRC, or both). I’m crossing my fingers that the problem will be fixed before the 1st.

Today was also a communication day. I emailed a number of people, including current contributors, slush readers, and a couple of people who’ve submitted to the LGBTQ issue (every month we get at least a few people who forget to include their story with their submission). I also mailed out a couple of contracts – I had to go to the post office because some of the contracts were going overseas. I also bought some $0.17 stamps. Why? Because our contract, along with a payment check, is just too heavy for a standard first-class stamp.

Tomorrow we’re buckling down and getting some editing done, in the hopes of having it finished before the end of the month… one less thing to worry about while frantically editing twice as many stories as usual.

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