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Okay, so this isn’t as big a deal as it’ll be when we publish our twelfth issue, or get our 1000th subscription (ha), but it’s a big deal to us, a confirmation that CG is really growing by leaps and bounds. Today we passed our previous monthly high for page hits on the site… on the 19th, with 11 days left to the month. WOO! In fact, even with a conservative estimate we’re on pace to exceed the previous best by about 35-40%. Even better, the average time on the site, and the average number of pages each visitor saw, have both gone up significantly too. (Once we maintain these higher numbers we’ll feel a lot better.) Crossed Genres has really come so much further, so much faster than we expected. We’re not making money off CG (in fact we’re still losing a bit every month), but that’s okay – we knew that would be the case, at least for a while. In every other way, CG’s development has far exceeded our expectations. THANK YOU, everyone who’s supported us so far!

So remember way back when in this post, when I said that we might have a lead on a webcomic for the subscribers area? Well, some more progress has been made, and we really like what we’ve seen. There’s still some more details to work out, but it’s looking more and more like we may have our first long-term serial exclusive! More when we’ve solidified this.

Today I barely had any time to work on CG; my two co-workers in my department at my day job were both out, so I was basically covering for 3 people. I didn’t even have time to get the contracts signed and mailed out with payments; I’ll get those sorted and ready to go over the weekend so I can just send them right off first thing Monday.

Pretty much all I had time for today was correspondence. I communicated with a few contributors, and potential contributors. I got responses from two of the issue 8 contributors about the edits to their stories, and exchanged a few more emails to clarify some details. Tomorrow I should be good to finish up the edits, format the stories and insert them into the print edition.

I also dealt with a problem that had come up for a few subscribers: there’s a setting that makes is so no one can purchase from our store without creating an account and logging in. This is so that the subscription can can be associated with that account. Somehow, that setting had been turned off, and a few subscriptions had been purchased but not connected to an account, making them useless. After I fixed the setting, I had to cancel/refund the subscriptions and get the people to re-do the purchase. Annoying, but hopefully it won’t happen again.

We’re going to have the top 10 submissions from the Flash Fiction contest up for voting by the end of the weekend! Keep your eyes peeled so you can read them and pick your favorite(s)!

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