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Oct 17th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Today was very busy, but a lot of it wasn’t CG-related.

The biggest thing I did today was get the PDF of issue 12 formatted. It took longer than I’d expected – partly because there was so much more material, but also because there’s a lot more images than our regular issues, all of which needed resizing. A couple pages had to have the layout restructured or they’ have just looked silly, crammed into about 80% of the page.

I also spent a good 2 hours working on nothing but scheduling. We have a VERY busy 3 to 4 months ahead of us (some of which is the stuff I can’t yet talk about), and we’re really going to have to be on top of our todos in order to keep up.

I said yesterday that I would have an official announcement today. I do, but I’m going to post and send out the official announcement here and to the mailing list tomorrow. For now I’ll just say it’s official: We are purchasing a novel to serialize. The contracts have been OKed, and the editing process has begun. We have a target of very early 2010 for the first part to go up in the Subscribers Area, and the serialization will be complete before the end of 2010, after which the novel will be available for purchase in print and various digital formats. We’re very, very excited about the novel, which is clever and sharp and very unique. Tomorrow’s official announcement will have some more details.

Issue 12 (and subsequent issues), the novel serialization, and the other thing I mentioned yesterday which will be announced on November 1, will all combine to make us VERY busy. I get dizzy just thinking about it, but it’s all so exciting I don’t have time to be worried.

Tomorrow: Kindle & .prc editions of Issue 12, contract stuff, scheduling, and the official announcement mentioned above.

Don’t forget: we’re still looking for Action/Adventure submissions!

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