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May 10th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

…actually have very little to do with running a magazine, usually. Which explains why I forgot to make a post last night.

Big news from yesterday: We finally got our hands on the finished cover art! WOW is about the best I can do.

The art is a bit too tall, proportionately, which means a little bit at the bottom will be cut off for the cover of the Print edition. It’s a real shame, because this particular art has edge-to-edge detail, all of which really adds to the overall scene. Fortunately it won’t really affect the focus of the piece. And the entire image will go online for people to get the complete picture.

The editing of Fiction is just about finished; I just have one more to finish up and then I’ll send out the last couple to the authors. Then we’ll get started on formatting for the Print edition. (The Print edition gets done first, because it has to be submitted so we can receive a proof copy before Release Day.)

And the new website is almost finished; Just a few little details to sort out. If I can get that finished today – and if Matt has time – then we might get it posted tonight!

Most amusing part of editing a magazine, May 2009:: seeing the various ways writers misspell “Anthropomorphism” in their submissions. Some variations: “Anthromorphism” (4 so far) and “anthropromorphism”.

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