My mother feared I was abnormal

Sep 26th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

(what do you expect at almost 1am?)

We just got an email from Julie Dillon, the cover artist for Issue 12. She sent us an updated preview, which is in the home stretch now. We’re just… oh wow. Slfksj. Heck, I’d publish it in its current form, happily, and it’s not even done! Incredible. I cannot WAIT to see this on that semi-glossy cover.

Speaking of covers, we still haven’t gotten the 2nd Issue 11 proof. I hope it arrives tomorrow – I’ll feel a lot happier if we have it and know it looks okay.

Kay finished reading a novel submission (the entire thing) today, and insists that it’s excellent and we should buy it for serializing. I’ll be reading it over the next few days to see if I agree. I suspect I will – Kay has good taste in books. If so, Kay will work with the writer on the editing and we’ll try to have it up as soon as possible.

Submissions for Issue 12 have been slow the past two days. What’s up with that? Has everyone forgotten after that burst of interest? 5 days left to submit to the LGBTQ issue!

Other things accomplished today: emailed some contributors/possible contributors, sent edited content back to the writers for consideration. Still one piece left to edit – that will be first priority tomorrow.

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