No one knew the circumstance but they say that it happened pretty quick

Aug 24th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Maybe this is going to be the norm, and I shouldn’t be surprised, but it has. the proof of Issue 10 has already been shipped.

This morning I woke to find an email from Createspace, informing me that the cover image as submitted didn’t have enough “bleed” at the edge for printing. I thought that was pretty strange, since upon checking I found it exactly like the Issue 9 cover image which they’d been fine with. So I widened the image about 9 pixels, and resubmitted it at 7:58 AM. At 10:13 I got an email saying it was ok and was ready for a proof copy to be ordered (9 pixels made the difference!), so I ordered a proof copy at 10:23 AM. At 1:31 PM, I got email notification that the proof copy had shipped. I did pay $3 extra for slightly expedited shipping, but 3 hours form ordering to shipping (and them having to print it in that time)? I think it was worth the extra 3 bucks.

The issue is ready to go with the exception of cut-and-pasting some of it into the webpages, and merging the pieces of the PDF, both of which I’ll finish tomorrow. Then we’ll be focusing on Issue 11 – we’ve already read about half the stories, so we’ve got a jump on that. I’m also going to do more template prep between now and the 31st.

Kay and I also talked about some of our big upcoming projects – specifically, Issue 12 and our first year anthology, plus another that we’re not ready to announce yet. The conversations were basically just to get on the same page and point us in the right direction – we’re tracking a dozen different projects of various sizes so it’s important that we frequently make sure we both have all the information.

Speaking of upcoming projects: The next several months are going to be by far the most expensive for us. Issue 12 is going to cost roughly twice our usual monthly budget, just because it has so much more content; and the anthology is an additional expense to the usual monthly costs (the anthology will cost well more than an issue to produce). We’re going to be stretched pretty thin, so any help you could send our way would be greatly appreciated!

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