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Boskone is over! it was pretty fun.

Yesterday I met Justine Graykin in person for the first time. Justine’s story Archimedes Nesselrode appeared in our Humor issue back in April. And today I met Scott Andrews, whose story Keeli’s Ordeal is in the current issue: Scott is Editor-In-Chief of the terrific ezine Beneath Ceaseless Skies. We also got to say hi again to Walter Hunt; Walter contributed to the Alternate History issue (and his daughter Aline had a review in issue 10).

There were some great panels, too: ib>Technology T/o/d/a/y Tomorrow, Global Events, Local Effects?: Climate Change, SF/F/H Sites to See (Before You Die): E Publishing and Online Media, and Believable Relationships stick out. (One big problem throughout Boskone was a lack of microphones, or mics that just didn’t work; we walked out of a couple panels because we couldn’t hear a word they were saying.)

The dealer area was pretty neat; the M.I.T. Science Fiction Society was selling old issues of Asimov’s, F&SF, Analog, Galaxy, etc., for 25 cents each! Kay and I each found issues from the month we were born. We happened to walk by the Bruce Coville table as Coville himself was there; Kay’s loved his books for a long time, and went a bit fangirl when he signed copies of Goblins in the Castle and My Teacher Is an Alien to our son Baz.

Also, the Con suite had a ton of delicious breads that had been donated, and they were begging people to take some home because there was no way they’d use it all. So we have a bunch of tasty bread to eat!

CG business:

A new chapter of A Festival of Skeletons is up! If you have a subscription you can go here to read it; if not, subscribe now! Only 83 cents a month!

The issue 16 proof has been shipped; we’ll hopefully get it by the end of next week. the other editions are pretty well in hand; I still need to have the .LIT, .LRF and .PDB versions tested! If you have an ereader that can read one of these formats and you want a free e-copy of issue 15, please email me!

We’ve had more submissions to the Antihero issue, coming in at a nice steady rate. We love it! Keep ’em coming! And remember to look ahead to our Upcoming Genres – we now have the next FIVE upcoming genres listed!

There’s some awesome stuff coming up with CG soon, and I so wish I could share now, but…. eeeeegh, no. You’ll have to wait 2 more weeks for 1 announcement, and another few for the next one. [/tease]

Post title is a line from the film Alice In Wonderland, based on the book Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

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