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Jan 8th, 2010 | By | Category: CG Blog

Amazing how things can just come together and make us giddy with their beauty and awesomeness.

Last night we approved the final version of the anthology, and ordered 100 (!) copies. Yikes! Early next week I’m going to prep the labels and mailers so we can send out the preorders and contributor copies as soon as we get them. The anthology is brilliant, let me tell you; tonight I may post a first look at the cover. Remember, the release date is February 1.

And speaking of covers, we’ve got the final version of the issue 15 cover art in hand. It’s by the talented Nicc Balce, whose work also graces the anthology cover, and is titled “So Much for the 4th Wall”. I can tell you that the title is quite appropriate. Also, this cover makes me VERY glad that we do wraparound covers, maybe moreso than any previous cover. Although the front is stunning and exciting on its own, this piece really couldn’t be fully captured without the landscape layout.

Issue 15 is chugging along. Everyone who submitted something to us should have received an email by now. If you haven’t, please send a query! Kelly has been doing fabulous work with the editing again. We also got a terrific article for the issue from C.A. Young, whose story Finished was in our LGBTQ issue.

Submissions to the Steampunk issue have been a bit slow. Help us get the word out: we want steampunk!

Aleta Johansen’s In the Image And Likeness, which appears in our anthropomorphism issue, was chosen as a Featured Story on Lit Drift! Congrats, Aleta!

The website is just about ready for the beginning of our serialization of RJ Astruc’s A Festival of Skeletons. Only one more week!

Post title from “Shadow Stalker” by Heather Alexander, based on Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar series

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