Oh Boy…

May 1st, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

We only announced last night that we’re accepting submissions for novella/novel-length SFF that we can serialize and already the submissions are sailing in…  Good thing we didn’t wait any later to make the announcement – May is just about the most favorable month on our calendar this year for handling a ‘flood’.  Hoo, we are in for it!  This is one of those desirable problems I’m always talking about.  🙂

I spent the evening pimping (yes, I still prefer that term to ‘advertising’ in this context), so I expect that ‘problem’ will only be ‘worse’ by morning.  Of course, by ‘worse’ I really mean ‘AMAZING!’

Also, in the world of good news/bad news, I finally heard back in the affirmative from an artist I’d invited weeks ago to do a cover… *sigh*  Fortunately, I have already lined up a different very special artist for that cover, so now I get to embrace another desirable problem: that of asking an interested artist if they will consider doing an alternate cover instead.  I wonder what I shall do when I have a solid year of cover artists booked…



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