Oh, yeah. Summer’s here.

May 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

It’s too hot to think, so this’ll be a short post. I did get the Issue 7 content pages finished. I still have to make the archive page which actually lists the contents, but that shouldn’t take long.

I also reordered the 2nd proof of the Print edition, and sent out a couple more payments/contracts. And I sent out the last couple of rejections for art submissions.

Also, I forgot to mention that yesterday we saw the first rough draft of the Issue 8 cover and some sketches of the Issue 10 cover. Both look really wicked and do a terrific job of capturing their “theme” genres (Anthropomorphism and Child Fiction, respectively). Mega-kudos to my co-editor K.T. Holt, who found these artists and approached them about doing covers for us.

Oh, and speaking of “theme” genres: On June 1 we’re just going to go ahead and reveal the “theme” genres through the end of our first year of issues! Next month we’ll be accepting submissions for Issue 9 (Alternate History), and the themes for Issues 10-12 will be listed on the Current Genre page.

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