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Apr 15th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Metaphorically that is. Got the last information I needed, and I’ve spent all nightfinishing up the text formatting, tweaking the title on the cover and putting the finishing touches on the Print edition of Issue 6. And it’s done! Huzzah! Damn this thing looks good. *preens a little* I’ll be ordering our proof copy early tomorrow.

It’s always interesting the last few things that come up. As I was tweaking the final layout, it occurred to me that the supporting images for our nonfiction article weren’t going to have their captions right under the images – it would have looked wretched and ruined readability, since the words would have blended in with the surrounding words of the article. But foundation that kindly gave us permission to use the images had specified that the captions had to be included. A quick email to our contact, who spoke to someone at the foundation and confirmed that putting a list of the captions at the end of the article (with page numbers) was sufficient. I found room for the captions in the Table of Contents too, just to be sure. The captions will be directly under the images on the website.

Next up is getting the PDF and Kindle versions ready. Usually this isn’t too time-consuming, but Issue 6 is somewhat image-heavy (see above) so it might take a bit longer than normal. But we’re still on schedule – about 2 days behind where the schedule says we should be, actually, but that’s why we made our schedule flexible in the first place.

Things I didn’t get to: I meant to do a little prep for our Earth Day announcement, but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Also need to send out a couple checks. And I’m working late at my day job tomorrow… ugh. Time for bed.

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