Only going forward, still can’t find reverse

Jan 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: CG Blog

People have started receiving their copies of Crossed Genres Year One! Thus far, everyone seems very pleased. Yay! We’d love to hear people’s thoughts.

Except for the online stuff, issue 15 is pretty much finished. I have a couple little things to finalize for the .prc (mobi pocket) edition, but the print and .pdf are set. And we’ve decided not to issue Kindle editions for the foreseeable future.

We’re still lagging with Steampunk submissions! You have 9 days left to get your stories to us!

A ton more writers have contributed stories to Post a Story For Haiti, bringing the total to 113 contributions! That’s all FREE stories, poetry and artwork! Please go enjoy some of the contributions, and thank the contributors by donating to the Haitian relief efforts. This disaster will take decades to recover from, and help is needed just as much now as it was when the first earthquake struck.

Other than the above, we’ve primarily been working on future planning, specifically something we’ll be announcing in mid-March. Kay’s also been communicating with artists and writers for future issues, and we’ve both been working on promotion. We’re also gearing up for February 1, which is a double release day: Issue 15 (Any Previous Genre) and our anthology, Crossed Genres Year One!

One last reminder: In 9 days, Issue 3 (Romance) will disappear forever! Go read it before it’s too late, and consider buying a copy (only $5!).

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