Praying for the end of time

Aug 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

…or at least, the end of this seemingly neverending span until we leave for WorldCon. I can’t wait!

Today saw a pretty good response to Issue 9. I decided to forgo advertising except a few penny ads here and there, to see what kind of response we’d get without it. The results were pretty much what I expected: less overall numbers, but each visitor stayed longer and looked at more pages. And a high percentage of returning visitors too, which makes a lot of sense.

I’ve contacted authors whose stories we want to publish, but I’ve only heard back from one so far. The weekend often delays response time, so it’s not surprising. I also sent some more rejections, but I’m still not finished.

And we’ve already received our first handful of Horror submissions. Love to see that. We’re going to try and be ahead on reading like we were in July, but for August we won’t get the chance to read any stories until around mid-month because of being away, and then scrambling to stay ahead on Issue 10.

We spent a lot of time today cleaning, packing and preparing for Montreal. Got a few things checked on our car, too: emissions inspection, tires, etc. Between all that and starting all the processes for Issue 10, it was a very full day. Tomorrow’s looking about the same.

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