Release day Eve!

May 1st, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

(…since this is technically last night’s post.)

As you no doubt saw from K’s earlier post, Issue 6 has been released! We’re so incredibly pleased with this issue; it came out wonderfully. When we’re putting it together it’s sometimes hard to see exactly what the finished product will look like, so this moment when it’s ready and just out there is especially rewarding.

Since last night was pretty busy I’m going to list what I did as bullet points, or this post might get unmanagably long.

During the day:

  • Read more issue 7 submissions. We ended up with our highest total of submissions ever. Woo-hoo!
  • Prepped the store as much as I could and wrote out some of the new item info in MS Word
  • Answered a couple of questions about Anthropomorphism from potential submitters
  • In the evening (starting around 9:30pm):

  • Added the Issue 6 PDF as an item in the Store
  • Changed the Downloads so that whoever buys a subscription gets to immediately download Issue 6, not Issue 5
  • Did a final check of all links and images
  • Uploaded the images and back pages to the website about an hour early (since there’s no links to them no one would see them)
  • Uploaded the new issue!
  • went through every page to double-check the images and links again online, and fixed a few typos (“weysterns”?)
  • Reset the invisible Stat counter on the site so my many page hits wouldn’t appear and skew the numbers, and then set a cookie to block my page hits from being counted in the future
  • Emailed the contributors to let them know the issue was up and give them their complimentary PDFs and a bit of last-minute info
  • At that point it was past midnight, so I decided to postpone this post until today. I’ve got plenty to do today, but I’ll save that for tonight’s post!

    Issue 6! YAY!

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