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Sep 21st, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

What a weekend. I got my second migraine of the week on Saturday, and our son hasn’t been feeling well, so I didn’t get to anywhere near as much as I’d wanted to.

We did get the proof copy of issue 11 back. Unfortunately, the fear I alluded to in an earlier post proved prophetic – the image was far too dark. For some reason the printer always produces the cover art significantly darker than it ever appears on any digital screen. Kay spent some time today tweaking the light and contrast levels, and I’m going to resubmit tomorrow. Damn it.

The main thing I did over the weekend was upgrade the website’s software. It was old-ish, which made it a bit vulnerable, but it’s fully updated now. Unfortunately, one of the plugins isn’t working properly now. It says it is, but it isn’t. You may notice that the Subscribers Area shows up in the Navigation bar at the top of the screen? It should only be there for paid subscribers who are logged in. Yeah, that’s what’s not working. I’ve put in a request for assistance, but the Subscribers Area is temporarily closed until I can get it fixed. Sorry!

I spent some time today communicating with our slush readers, who will be reading for us starting in October. I laid out some specific guidelines for how we’d like them to work. There’ll be some info about each of them on the website (in the About section) starting on October 1.

We received more submissions and read most of them – have a few we didn’t get to, but we’ll read them tomorrow. We want need more! (duh!) We’re just barely on pace to match last month’s submission numbers.

Also to do tomorrow: finish redoing the issue 11 cover and submit it, more issue 12 prep, mailing contracts/payments, reading… and then if I have any time left, a dozen other things.

To end on a happy note (about something I keep forgetting to mention): both the Issue 7 cover and the back half of the Issue 3 cover (front and back were posted separately) were selected as Daily Deviations on Deviantart! Basically it means that they were nominated by viewers, and chosen by the high muckymucks of DA to be one of several featured that day. Congrats to the artists, Paul Davey and Megan Rose Gedris, for being picked!

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