Running around with no head

Apr 26th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

…because I forgot my head. Because it wasn’t glued on.

I forgot to post last night. Didn’t run out of time… I just forgot. Sorry about that.

Yesterday I did most of the finalizing of the website, getting it ready to update for our May 1 release of Issue 6. I also approved the print and Kindle editions, so they should be ready by the 1st.

K and I also spent some time discussing upcoming issues. We now have confirmation on cover artists all the way through Issue 11!!! This is a huge relief; while the quality of writing in the issues is hugely important to us, we also recognize that the cover art is often what draws readers in to begin with. It also requires a lot of lead time, so having it sorted so far in advance takes a ton of pressure off.

We talked a lot about articles and interviews we’d like to get for upcoming issues. Being a small magazine we have to be realistic and assume that “big names” are probably out of our reach for the most part. But on the other hand, we’ve had some luck with that already, so we see nothing wrong with shooting for the moon. At the worst we’ll get a curt “no”.

Actually, we’ve been very pleased with the responses that we’ve gotten, even from people who turned us down. We haven’t had a single rude response, and actually most have gone out of their way to be polite. We have sent a few requests to which we’ve gotten no response, which is the worst – for all we know they didn’t even get the message, but we’re not about to send it again. Lack of closure is the most frustrating.

That’s all from yesterday. I’ll do another post tonight about today. *stares at previous sentence, then gives up*

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  1. Despite the fact I was among the folks who squirmed happily when you first put forward the idea of blogging your day to day experiences working on the magazine, I’ve been unusually laconic while reading it.

    I just wanted to say how much I`m enjoying this insight into the editorial process and thank you for taking the time to write it. Keep it up.

  2. Authicer Rae, thanks. It’s good to know someone’s reading!

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