Shelter, a bed, crust of bread and a job

Apr 28th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

(I’ve had Little Shop of Horrors music stuck in my head all day.)

Today has been a heavy reading day; the past 72 hours has seen our Fiction submissions increase by a little more than half. A rush of subs near the end of the month is common, although that percentage is a bit on the extreme side. We’ve identified a few we’re pretty pleased with, but we won’t make our final decisions until we’ve read them all.

In an email to Frank Wu  earlier today I said that I wished we could afford to just quit our jobs and go to conventions all the time. I imagine eventually I might get a bit bored of them, but each con is different from the others, and different from itself from year to year. So it should stay relatively fresh. Plus, someday we’ll actually be able to got to cons as dealers! We may aim to do that the first time at Arisia this coming January… that’ll depend on how things are going for us.

But right now we’re thinking ahead to Anticipation: that’s WorldCon 2009 in Montreal! Neil Gaiman’s the guest of honor – no WAY we could miss that!

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