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Apr 17th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

You’ve probably seen the Earth Day post I made earlier. My talented co-editor made the tree image; I added the text, cropped it, and uploaded it.

Then I updated the website with more info on the Earth Day sale. Took me about 45 minutes; if we’d been on WordPress it would have taken 15. Argh. I’ll just see about getting that done…

Also accomplished today:

  • Sent rejection letters
  • Dealt with a strange miscommunication from a submission which turned out to have amusing consequences. I’ll probably go into that sometime, it was pretty funny.
  • Arranged to send a couple copies of an issue to a contributor in Canada, since for some reason Createspace wants to charge $23 per copy for shipping. Cost to me: $5 to send 2 copies, and that includes a protective mailer. WTF?
  • Emailed my WordPress Guru friend Matt with more questions. Hope to have a few things sorted out before Earth Day.
  • Assured a submitting writer that his misspelling my name in his submission email would not negatively impact his chances of getting published. (Although folks, proofreading your correspondence is almost as important as proofreading your writing.)
  • I think I’ll have to do another separate post dedicated to some of the strange questions we get and paranoid fears we hear from submitters. Plus the silly mistakes. I’ve got lots of each, and we’re only 5 1/2 issues in.
  • Got our first glimpse at the art for the cover of Issue 7. I…I have no words. Just… WOW.

Tomorrow; Kindle edition, Starting to HTML-ify some content. Also mailing the aforementioned copies to Canada. Oh, and hitting the bank to deposit a check. Exciting!

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