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Oct 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Despite the annoyances of the day, a lot was accomplished. The primary annoyance was with Adobe Acrobat, which we can’t afford.

Kay had one of those ideas that’s so clever we both wondered why we didn’t think of it sooner. Rather than waiting until we had all the stories edited and formatted, we’re going to order our first proof now, after I inserted the unedited content. We already knew that we would end up ordering 2 proofs of issue 12 anyway, and this way we can be working on getting the stories edited and inserted while the first proof is being processed and delivered. By the time it gets here, all we’ll have to do is check what needs to be fixed and fix it, insert the already edited and formatted content, and order the second proof. It’ll probably mean the second proof gets here several days to a week sooner, which is a big deal in our tight schedule. We wouldn’t do this every month since we usually prefer to only pay for 1 proof, but we had already assumed we’d do 2 for this oversized issue. Did I mention how clever Kay is?

Unfortunately, while I have the cover converted to PDF and ready to go – already uploaded, in fact – I can’t do the conversion of the inside. The only converters I have access to don’t know how to recognize the different fonts we use, and they also seem to screw up the page spacing pretty bad. It just means I have to wait until Monday, which is the next time I’ll have the chance to properly convert the thing. We’ll still save time, but not as much. Damned annoying. But Acrobat costs $300, so that’s not happening anytime soon.

Still, it’s all ready to go – literally, once the conversion to PDF is done, all I have to do is upload it and then submit the issue to order the proof. So I can spend tomorrow working on editing.

I did email a lot of people about their Issue 12 submissions today, but not everyone. We got a lot more stories than usual this month, I didn’t have time. I’ll see if I can find time to finish tomorrow. I also had to make up contracts to send to people whose work we want, and that took a while. The Issue 12 contracts folder on my computer is twice as full as other like folders! Yeesh.

Go read Issue 11! The Horror issue came out brilliantly. Please enjoy it!

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