So many winds that blow

Aug 30th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

We are all caught up on reading. We’ll be reading new stories as they come in over the next couple of days.

Kay and I put our heads together for a number of things today. We set out several more genres in the order we want to do them – we try to have a good idea of how things will look month-by-month well in advance. We also talked about some art options, and more about the projects we’re not yet ready to announce.

I ordered the second proof of Issue 10 today; it was only approved this morning or I’d have done so sooner. I also made a few tweaks to some of the webpages, and a couple MS Word HTML templates. I finished up a blog post that I’d mostly written yesterday – it’ll be posted on September 1.

So… yeah. Today a lot of little, significant things got done, but none of them much on their own, or at all exciting and glamorous.

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