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Oct 30th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

In a couple days there will be anyway!

Sorry about the lack of posts. We’re working hard, really!

Yesterday there was a lot of reading. We’ve reached the point where submissions increase at the end of the month, so I sent out a few more to slush readers. We’re still pretty far behind the August totals, and barring a surge like we got at the end of September, we’re unlikely to reach the August numbers. But we should still have a pretty decent pool. We’ve already found a couple we’re pretty pleased with. Don’t forget: Tomorrow is the last day to get your Issue 13 (Action/Adventure) submissions in!

Also dealt with a couple of annoying issues with subscriptions – not the subscribers themselves, but the online system. It can be kind of quirky, which leads to some problems. The creators of the program are working on a new release of it, and are supposed to have a beta out next week (hopefully).

If you ever try to buy an online subscription to CG, you must be logged into an account first! The system automatically assigns the subscription access to the logged in account. Go create an account (it’s free), make sure that you’re logged in, and THEN go to the store to purchase the subscription!

The other thing I did yesterday was talk at length with Matt, our friend and webhost. He’s been working lately on some features of WordPress and suggested something we can do to improve our site. That led into a lot more discussion, the conclusion of which was that there are several awesome improvements we can make! One of them is already implemented (you’ll see it when Issue 12 comes out), and will affect how we display things like A Festival of Skeletons in the Subscribers Area. The rest of the changes will be gradual: not all of them you’ll see – some of it’s in the back-end. But you’ll hear about it, because I’ll probably end up raving about how much time it’s saving me. Really, I think I may be in for some serious time relief, just in how the website is set up and updated. Matt is a genius. Yesterday I had like 3 or 4 separate moments of epiphany when I realized how something he was explaining/describing would help the updating process.

Tomorrow we’re having our Year One Wrap/Halloween party! Going to be a blast. Tonight we’re shopping for it, and tomorrow: cleaning! Heh, we’ve been cleaning all week really.

And then after the party: RELEASE! Okay, not immediately following, but late late tomorrow night.

In the meantime, please go and read Issue 11! The HORROR issue is terrific, and very appropriate for Halloween! (Pretty convenient it was released in October then, huh? I’m just sayin’!)

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