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Jun 13th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

I wasn’t feeling well this morning, and that combined with the rainy weather and having a ton to do made me decide to take a day off from work. Not CG work, of course – just my day job.

I did a bunch more editing today. It’s taking far longer than it feels like it should. (Part of the reason is that Kay usually does some of the editing, but this month she’s got her hands full editing two interviews.) It’s looking like the Print edition may not be ready to go live on July 1 with the rest of the issue. Not a big deal, though; if it’s not, it’ll only be a couple days behind.

I also stopped at the post office to check the PO Box. 4 signed contracts came in, still waiting on a couple more. Monday I’ll be mailing out signed copies, along with payments. Oh, and I’d intended to mail out copies of the magazine to various places they’re owed today, but in my apparently sick and distracted state I didn’t think to get them ready before going to the post office. So I’ll do them Monday.

Today was a day to do some personal writing, something I haven’t gotten to do much in the last several months. I wrote a flash fiction piece I’m surprisingly happy with; after editing it I think I’ll submit it somewhere. And speaking of flash fiction, the Flash Fiction contest is only open for TWO MORE DAYS!

This weekend is going to be hard to find time for CG: tomorrow we’re sorting out our passports for WorldCon (in Montreal this year) and going to my nephew’s 6th birthday party. And on Sunday night Kay and I are going to see Amanda Palmer! She’s doing a super-secret mystery show somewhere in Cambridge, MA. She did giveaways of tickets via her Twitter account, and Kay and I got in! We still don’t even know where it’ll be – the assumption is we’ll get emails. Very excited – the last time I went to a concert was Barenaked Ladies in Chicago about 8 years ago. Gonna be a crazy weekend.

Er, sorry. That had nothing to do with CG, did it? I mean, sure it did! I was just explaining why my daily posts the next couple of days might be a bit thin. Yeah, that’s it…

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