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Apr 26th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Not because I’ve got a bone to pick with anyone – because I just want to rave about Issue 6, and all the new stuff we’re rolling out on May 1. But I can’t. I mean I could, but release dates exist for a reason.

Today I did as much advance prep as I could for the store (some things have to wait until last minute). And I got nitpicky and made a few small tweaks to the website update.

Then I spent a LOT of time on the new website. It’s not a matter of just moving pages; pretty much every page has to be recreated (although a lot of coding can be cut-and-pasted over). So I spent a couple of hours creating pages for ALL the back issue stuff. Oye. I haven’t even begun transferring code for them.

A lot of the process for the new site involves learning WordPress’ structure as I go, which is quite a task. In some ways it’s quite simple, but some parts are completely foreign territory. Half of the time I feel very like I did when I was first learning HTML over 10 years ago; the other half, it’s like “Oh look, that’s modular – easy!” a very strange feeling. But the more familiar I get with it, the more confident I am that we’ll be ready to go live with the new site for Issue 7 on June 1. *KNOCKS WOOD*

We’ve also done some reading of Issue 7 submissions. They’re still coming in, too; we got a few more today, and we’ll most likely get at least a handful more before Thursday at midnight. Submission numbers are still a bit low compared to last month, but should end up pretty close.

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