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May 7th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

…but due to being short-staffed at work and a pretty busy day in all aspect of life, the post about Rejection letters is postponed until tomorrow.

Today we did a lot of editing of Fiction. Also, we’re going to have an interview in Issue 7; I emailed the interviewee with some small edits to his answers and a follow-up question.

Our cover artist got a bit overwhelmed with projects and has fallen a bit behind; our initial deadline to have the finished project in hand has passed. But we’ve been assured we’ll have it in hand by Friday, which should still enable us to keep on schedule. We’ve seen the in-progress work and it’s incredible.

Also, I’m still plugging away at the new site. Every day sees it taking shape even more. We may be ready to go live earlier than June 1! (NO promises: June 1 is still our target date.) The new site will allow readers to register a free account; by doing so you’ll be able to leave comments in response to the issues, or ask questions about things like the Current and Upcoming Genres, right on the site.

And I’m going to set aside some time in a week or so to familiarize myself with the process of converting our magazine into .mobi format. The goal is to have .mobi editions ready to go along with the new site. More free stuff for subscribers, woo!

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