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Jul 11th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

So the editing is………… done*.

The * means that it’s not done, but it’s so close it might as well be. Another hour will do it. We’re just too tired. Been a very long day; personal reasons.

I heard back from a few contributors regarding the edits. Most everything is fine, just a couple small spots of contention. (This is the part where I get the “Who the hell am I to tell people how to ‘fix’ their writing?” feeling.) I also exchanged a few emails with author Dave Freer about his interview that’ll be in I9. Dave’s a funny guy. Hella friendly too, and his interview’s great.

Starting to get very exited about WorldCon. (only 26 days away!) The guest list is pretty impressive! I’m embarrassed at the number of people whose work I’m not familiar with. What kind of SFF nerd am I? (Yes I know, the kind who attends World Science Fiction & Fantasy conventions.)

Kay got back another affirmative for an article in Issue 10 (Child Fiction)! A very exciting one, too. I think we’re solid on the nonfic for I10 now. Also, today our number of fiction submissions to I10 exceeded the total submissions we got for I9. I know that last month there was some distraction from the Flash Fiction contest, but we’re still very thrilled to be at this point on the 10th. Child Fiction seems to be shaping up nicely!

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