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Apr 25th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Today all the CG work I did related to our upcoming “Subscribers Only” section… so I can’t go into details because we’re not ready to announce it yet. However, I can say that we’re targeting June 1 as the actual date that the new site with the aforementioned section will go live. (That’s not guaranteed, but I’m pretty sure we can make it.)

The magazine will remain available to read online for free. I want to stress that since the question has come up. It’s not our intention to change that aspect of Crossed Genres. However, we do need to have some income so we don’t go broke, so subscribing would get you all the stuff I’ve been teasing you with hinting at AND would help keep us able to provide free content. I’m just sayin’.

One other thing I did today was send out some contracts and checks. I also mailed a couple print copies to a contributor in Canada. It turns out that both Createspace and Amazon charge ridiculous fees to ship anywhere not in the US; Createspace wanted to charge $23 to ship one copy to Canada. That’s so absurd I can hardly believe it. (Amazon charges a slightly more reasonable $8-$9. But I’m afraid to look at what either charges for overseas shipping.) So I ordered 2 copies for the contributor, and reshipped them. The shipping cost me just under $5, and that included $1 for a stiff letter-sized mailer.

One week until Issue 6 is released! So exciting. May 1 is also the day we reveal some of the Subscribers’ stuff, and begin accepting submissions for Issue 8 (Anthropomorphism). Here’s what the workload looks like for the final week:

  • Finish prepping the website, including testing all new URLS and links
  • Finish the prep for the Subscriber content announcements
  • Set up a couple new CG email addresses
  • Track down a final signature from a contributor
  • Start really digging into Issue 7 submissions
  • Send out some requests for Nonfiction articles and Interviews
  • Approve the Print and Kindle editions for release
  • Prep the store as much as possible

Then on the last day of April (Late-night) we have to Upload all the new content, upload the updated website, add the new content to the store, and make sure everything “Current” refers to Issue 6 instead of Issue 5. Whew! Then on the First we get to do all the announcing/advertising, contacting people, sending Issue 6 to the subscribers… all while making our decisions about what to accept for Issue 7 and getting the process started on that.

Oh, and we’ll be working like fiends on the rebuild of the website too.

I’m going to bed.

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