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Subversion blog posts!

Jessica Reisman: “On the fourth of the Nine Days of Luck, the luck moths rose up out of the forest…”

Deirdre Murphy is having a contest! Win books right off her shelf!

Melissa S. Green: Story history! “Esti Gusev wasn’t the name she was given at birth. It was the name she’d taken. She’d damn well earned it.”

C.A. Young: “I recommend picking this thing up along with, say, a beret. And then you’ll want to find a speakeasy or an underground tunnel network, maybe an attic.”

Kay T. Holt: “…’the good fight’ is better defined as a lifelong campaign of small resistive acts than it is by its few explosive battles.”

Sabrina VourvouliasA Subversion of Stories (Review): “I liked [Camille Alexa’s “And All Its Truths”] so much I hesitated before reading the rest of the anthology. There have been anthologies that I remember only for one story, good or bad (such as the anthology that contained Geoff Ryman’s “Pol Pot’s Beautiful Daughter”), and I really didn’t want this anthology to be that way.
I shouldn’t have worried.”

Harry Markov: “[Crossed Genres] have always brought quality fiction through their Crossed Genres Magazine…”

Sarah Goslee, who was not responsible for CG Magazine closing…

And finally, editor Bart R. LeibAnthologies, birthdays, and other frightening things: “I had great material to work with – which certainly made it easier, and also makes me even more proud to have brought it all together.”

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