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The Future Fire is an excellent small publisher of “social, political and speculative cyber-fiction”. Several authors which CGP has published have also appeared in TFF publications.

TFF is running a Peerbacker campaign for an awesome-sounding project: We See A Different Frontier, “an anthology of colonialism-themed speculative fiction from outside the first-world viewpoint, co-edited by Fabio Fernandes“.

Colonialism is still a thorn on the side of humankind. Many of the problems of the Third World, for instance, are due to the social-political-economic matrix imposed on its countries by the First World countries since the 17th century (e.g. the manufacture by European powers of arbitrary borders and tribal conflicts in Africa, and then the creation of Arab countries to defeat the Ottoman Empire in WWI). The balance of power is changing in the 21st Century, but it’s still essential to look back if we want to truly understand the forces at play in the political and cultural panoramas of Third World countries—and even in countries that hardly can be labeled as Third World, like the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa).

Much widely distributed science fiction and fantasy is written by American and other Anglophone authors, and treats subjects close to the hearts of straight, white, English-speaking men. There’s nothing wrong with this sci-fi itself—we love lots of it—but there’s clearly something missing. Having white Anglo cis/hetero/males as (the only) role models is not an option any more. We aim to redress this balance, not only by publishing speculative stories by people with different viewpoints and addressing concerns from outside of the usual area (see World SF), but also by explicitly including fiction that addresses the profound socio-political issues around colonisation and colonialism (see Race in SF). We want to see political stories: not partisan-political, but writing that recognizes the implications for real people and cultures of the events and actions that make up science fictional or fantastic histories, as well as our own history.

For this anthology we will be looking for stories from the perspective of people and places that are colonized under regimes not of their choosing (in the past, present or even future).

TFF is looking to raise enough funds to pay pro rates to writers for We See a Different Frontier. Amongst the various backer rewards are ebook and print copies (when the anthology is finished), signed copies, t-shirts, the original cover artwork and more.

As additional incentive to contribute to the Peerbacker campaign, TFF is offering a giveaway: anyone who contributes at least $5 will be automatically entered in a drawing to win one of five signed books. One of those books is Kelly Jennings’ novel Broken Slate, published by CGP!

As of now the Peerbacker campaign is about 58% funded with 39 days to go! Please support a worthy project, back We See a Different Frontier, and enter to win a signed book!

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