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Nov 8th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Just a quick post because it’s midnight. I’ll fill in details of what we’re doing tomorrow. For now I just want to share a couple of links:

M-Brane SF is a very cool SF magazine. They recently released Things We Are Not, a collection of queer speculative fiction. I have it, and can attest to its quality – it’s a very good collection. They’re doing a special right now: a print copy of TWAN and a subscription to the magazine (pdf) for $17. Not sure how long the deal will last! Please consider helping them out and picking up a copy.

When we announced that we’d be accepting submissions to Any Previous Genre next month, someone commented on Livejournal that they wondered if anyone could incorporate all 14 genres. Well, someone did; please read the (very rough and tongue-in-cheek) 14-genre short.

I don’t usually throw out random links, but any SF fan should read and fall in love with the webcomic Dresden Codak. It’s a challenging comic in so many ways: story, layout, complexity of content. really messes with your mind sometimes, too. I say in all honesty that it’s as rich as almost any novel I’ve ever read. (Read from the beginning, though, or a lot of it won’t make sense.) Also, I wish they had their I will do science to it t-shirt in child sizes, because I would immediately get one for my son.

And lastly, remember to send us your Folklore stories, and please PLEASE help us reach the necessary 150 preorders we need to publish our first anthology!

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