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Nov 13th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

The print edition of issue 13 isn’t quite finished. It turned out we were still waiting on an edit from a writer! Oops! Fortunately we have it now. I think we can wrap up the print edition tomorrow, which means we’ll be ordering the proof by Monday; that’s still in plenty of time. *KNOCK WOOD*

I also got caught up on submissions to Issue 14 (Folklore). They’ve been coming at a surprisingly steady clip, and the slush pile had actually gotten backed up a bit. But I contacted our slush readers, who leapt into action (i.e. sat and read) and we’re just about caught up again (except we just got another submission as I’ve been typing this!). This is not in any way a complaint, you understand… the submissions were well down for Action/Adventure and we’re pleased to see them trending back up.

We’re also seriously considering another novel submission for serialization (I think I mentioned this before?). We requested a bit of a rewrite from the author, and have just gotten it back, so we need to reread the novel. If we do accept it, it wouldn’t be ready for some time, since it would need to be edited and we’re swamped.

I also got an invite to Google Wave today, courtesy of Natania Barron (thanks!) I haven’t had the chance to play around with it yet, but I have a ton of ideas for reworking the way it’s used. Some of those ways might make for some creative CG events. It’ll take some planning, but I’ll see about laying some of it out as I develop it.

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