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Nov 8th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog, News & Announcements

Modern technology is pretty amazing in that it can distract you from itself. You get on the computer to perform 1 task; 15 tasks later you’ve forgotten what the first one was, you only know you haven’t done it…

Editing is under way. Kay’s taken care of some of it, and I’ve done a bit too; tomorrow I’m busting my butt to finish it. Everyone who submitted to the A/A issue should have received an email by now; if you haven’t please send a query.

Submissions to the Folklore issue are coming in at a steady clip. It’s almost as though people were waiting for it… go figure, right? We’re thrilled to see that, of course, and hope it keeps up. At the current rate we’d get right back up to the numbers we were seeing for issues 10 & 11, which would be terrific. (More is even better!)

Last thing: Please help us reach our goal of 150 anthology preorders! I know we’ve been pushing it, but with good reason: If we don’t reach the 150 mark on preorders, we may be forced to postpone the anthology! It’s a very expensive process to release this collection, and it comes directly on the heels of the oversized Issue 12. We’re still paying for CG mostly out of our pockets, but the anthology pushes beyond our financial limits. The preorder only costs ($9 plus shipping), and gets you a print copy of the anthology (shipped in January) and a free online subscription to CG, where you can download digital editions of issues and, starting in January, will have exclusive content just for subscribers.

Here’s some extra incentive to preorder the anthology: If we reach our goal of 150 preorders, we will randomly select 3 people who purchased a preorder, and will donate 1 copy of the anthology to the library of each of those people’s choice! Plus, for every 25 preorders beyond that, we’ll select another person at random for the same thing! (NOTE: The library giveaway is for ALL preorders, including those already purchased. If you’ve placed your order already, your name will be in the drawing!)

So get a copy for yourself, and maybe win a free copy for your local library! And please, help spread the word! Thanks!

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