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Jun 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

that’s kinda what I did today. I read some Issue 8 submissions, I wrote some emails, and I counted statistics of website traffic.

The first day or two after the release is an odd time of the month. It feels like we should be running around like crazy, scrambling to get things done – and yeah, there are a lot of little details to take care of surrounding the new release, like fixing little typos and link issues we missed before the release, promoting, etc. But nothing really time-consuming.

What we’re really spending a ton of time on for the first few days of the month is reading like crazy. We got a bit behind on the reading this month, so we’re catching up now. Tomorrow we’ll both be reading every spare second we get (that includes reading on our phones while commuting to and from our day jobs). Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday I’ll go into detail about the selection process. Wait, did I do that last month? I can’t remember. I’m so tired – I read so much today that I’m going cross-eyed.

Emails today included sending .pdf and .prc copies to the contributors, arranging contributor subscriptions (this is new – short version, from now on contributors can buy yearly subscription for half off. It’s another perk of having your work accepted. I’ll explain more tomorrow), and unfortunately, telling someone that their submission was a day too late for consideration in the Anthropomorphism issue. We don’t like doing this, but submission guidelines exist for a reason, and it wouldn’t be fair to break them for some people and not for others. Oh yes, and I may have a lead on an interview for an upcoming issue.

We’ve also had a more serious issue develop, which I’m not going to go into right now because it’s still unresolved. Suffice to say we’re upset about it, and we’re doing our best to deal with it. Fortunately it’s not something that interferes with our forward progress with the magazine.

Tomorrow – um, yeah, like I said. Reading. I’m going to sleep now so maybe tomorrow my eyes will stay focused.

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