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Oct 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Yesterday the general public got its first glimpse at a sneak peek of the LGBTQ issue’s cover art. Or at least, those who visited did. Pablo Defendini and Richard Rhorer delivered on their promise to host an ad for the LGBTQ issue on the website for free for a couple of weeks leading up to the release, and a week after. If you go now you’ll see part of the cover art in the “Leaderboard” bar at the top of the site (you may have to refresh a few times; it cycles through a few different ads). You’ll know it when you see it – mostly because of the “Crossed Genres” in blue lettering to the left side.

I know I said so before, but thank you to Pablo, Richard and The ad doesn’t have to gain CG anything: the fact that the offer was made is what’s notable, and is very much appreciated.

Speaking of ads: a lot of people have asked if we have ads about the issue’s release that they can host on their website, much the same way people did in response to the whole to-do back in September. Since the ad is already on, we decided there’s no point in not making it available. You can download it here. And please let us know if you post it!

And speaking of speaking of: speaking of Issue 12, I’ve spent a good 8-10 hours (i lost count) since yesterday working on website stuff. I created ALL the pages for the issue 12 content, reformatted all the text (adding in HTML tags, for example), uploaded all the content and biographies, and then tested them to make sure there weren’t problems. Then today I spent at least 3 hours wrestling with the code for the front page of the site (not actually on the site, just my template) before I finally got the layout whipped into shape.

I said before that the layout for this issue would keep me up nights, since there’s sooo much content. And I was right. Because I still have to convert what I’ve done onto 2 more pages, slightly altering them depending on circumstances. And once that’s done, then I get to go through ALL of it again looking for any little issues to correct – and then I get to do that again in a different browser. Then there are a few more things to get done for the issue ahead of time – setting up the items in the store, for example. And when ALL that’s done… well, then I can start in on the other stuff we want to have ready to go up on the website on November 1.

I would be a bit panicky about having all that to do, except for 2 things: 1, I think that a few days of concerted effort will take care of it, and 2, just about everything else to do with issue 12 is done. I do have to mail out some contracts/payments, but that’s pretty much it. Having the print, kindle, prd and pdf editions complete is a huge relief.

Just before getting to this post, I spent the previous 2 hours getting all the various art sized and formatted for online. It took longer than usual – again, just because of the amount of it. If you’ve read our back issues, you know that we post little 100×100 “teaser” images of our inside art: well, the ones I’ve just created are pretty neat. Sometimes it’s hard to find one area of an image that gives a good feel for the piece without giving the entire thing away, but all of these came out great.

Anyway, much more to work on tomorrow. In the meantime, keep those Action/Adventure submissions coming in!

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