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Nov 10th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Editing for Issue 13 is done. Whew. Tough one this month – not because of the stories, which were actually quite clean, but because we got sick and fell out of the swing of things. And we had a few other things going on.

Next I’ll be putting together the print edition. The cover is ready actually, so it’s the inside I have to do. We’re still waiting to hear back from a couple of the writers about the edits, but that shouldn’t take too long *knocks wood*. All I can say is, thanks ghod we don’t have as much to deal with as last month! Once a year will be plenty, thanks! (Was that a hint that we intend to do another oversized issue at the end of our second year? I do believe it was!)

Kay is still plugging away at editing A Festival of Skeletons. She’s also keeping up with the various artists and contributors we’re talking to about future issues.

In addition to putting together issue 13, I’ll be finding time (somewhere) in the next few weeks to check in with the contributors to the anthology, and work on finalizing the layout. We want to have the proof copy in hand before Christmas, so time’s dwindling away. Fortunately a lot of progress has already been made.

We’re 1/3 of the way through November and we’re FAR behind on our goal of 150 preorders for the anthology. If we don’t reach 150 preorders we’ll have to postpone the anthology! Please help us hit 150 preorders!

Folklore submissions are still coming in at a solid clip. Yay! Keep ’em coming, we wouldn’t want the slush readers to think they can slack off!

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