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Oct 20th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Progress is progressing!

The print edition of Issue 12 is done! The 2nd proof arrived yesterday, and Kay and I both went through it with a fine-toothed comb for any little errors. Then I fixed up what we found, and today I converted the file to PDF, uploaded it and submitted for the third time.

Because we’ve now gone through it so many times so carefully, there’s just not going to be anything left to fix besides maybe a tiny formatting error somewhere. It looks spotless as far as we can tell. So as soon as I was able I ordered the new proof, and as soon as I got notification that it had shipped, I went and approved it for publication. No waiting for the last proof to arrive this time – we want the issue to be ready and available to readers on Release Day, and we couldn’t wait to approve much longer and still have enough lead time. Also, we’re having a little get-together on Oct. 31 – a combination Halloween/Release party, and we wanted to have a few copies here for that. So I also ordered some copies for us to have on hand.

So the print, pdf, prc and Kindle editions of issue 12 are finished. Now we get to dig into the rather massive amount of work that is prepping for the online release. Yeesh. Fortunately we have a good amount of time.

I spent some time today explaining parts of our contract to a couple of contributors. I’m not exactly a legalese expert, but I have worked with our contract for a year now and I know it pretty well. We totally get not wanting to sign a contract unless you understand exactly what you’re signing up for, so we’re always willing to answer questions about it (in fact, when I send people contracts I always insist that they read it carefully and ask questions if they have any).

We got some responses from slush readers about some particular stories, and we sent out a few more submissions to be read. We’re doing… okay on submissions. If we have a nice rush at the end as usual, we should be left with a reasonable pool. Send us your Action/Adventure stories!

I also did a bit of work on our super-seekrit project. Not a huge secret, but won’t be announced until 11/1. I’m only mentioning it so you didn’t think I was slacking today by only doing the other things I mentioned.

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