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May 22nd, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

So we decided that we weren’t satisfied with the way the cover of the Print edition came out. When we get this really wonderful art from our contributors, we consider it our responsibility to do justice to it, and the cover was just too off. So I spent tonight reformatting the cover right off of the original image we got from the artist. It’s been resubmitted, and we should be able to order the new proof tomorrow (crossing our fingers!), which should give it time to get here before the first (crossing our toes).

During the day I finished the Kindle edition. It hasn’t been “published” yet, but it’s set up, formatted, uploaded and ready to go.

Let’s see, I also sent out some contributor contracts/payments today – three, actually. I have another I have to take to the post office to weigh/calculate postage because it’s going overseas. More playing around with Project Wonderful, too.

Tomorrow I’ll be working on getting the Issue 7 webpages set up. (I can create them and edit them, have them completely interactive and functioning, but only I or other admins can see them until they’re “published”. Another big advantage of WordPress.) Once that’s done I should have more time to dedicate to figuring out the .mobi thing.

BTW, since the .mobi won’t be ready until close to the end of the month, I’m going to leave the .mobi of Issue 6 up in the Subscribers Area for a couple weeks after May ends, so subscribers will have more of a chance to download it for free. (That means that if you subscribe during the first couple weeks of June you’ll get an extra issue in .mobi form FREE!)

Keep those submissions coming, folks! Contrary to what my rant in yesterday’s post might have suggested, we LOVE getting submissions!

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