This double vision I was seeing is finally clear

Sep 30th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

SPONTANEOUS CONTEST FOR A FREE E-SUBSCRIPTION! It seems that the rush may have waited until the VERY end to hit; we’ve received a clutch of submissions all within the last few hours. So I just now (literally, like a minute ago) decided to spontaneously give away a free subscription.

Take a guess at how many submissions we’ll receive between now and when we stop accepting submissions to the LGBTQ issue. You are guessing on the number of submissions we receive between the release of this post and midnight tomorrow. Send us an email with your guess (put “Submission Estimate Contest” in the Subject line).

The latest you can send a guess to us is midnight tomorrow. I won’t say anything more about how many we’re getting until that point. Then I’ll count the submissions, and whoever’s closest will get a free 1-year subscription to the Subscriber’s Area of the site. (If there’s a tie, each person will get a subscription.)

Why are we doing this? I have no idea. I feel like giving away a subscription. Tell your friends to send a guestimate too! It costs nothing and you might get something for free!


As I said above, we received a good number of submissions today, and we’re now within striking distance of our previous best month’s total – at this point I’d be pretty surprised if we didn’t make it. That’s always encouraging! At this point we’re pretty happy with some submissions, but we’re probably not going to get up to 8-10 accepted like we’d originally hoped for. But on the other hand, we’ve just gotten some submissions that we haven’t read yet, and there’ll be more tomorrow, so we may still be blown away.

Today was a very busy regular work day, so CG work was primarily communication and reading.We’re caught up other than the ones we’ve just received in the past couple of hours, and those will be top priority tomorrow.

There’s actually very little at this point that we could still do to prep issue 12; I can plug in some of the non-fiction content to some of the other versions besides the Print, but I’m not going to kill myself to get to it. Tomorrow will be reading, communication, reading, mailing a couple signed contracts, possibly adding Issue 12 nonfiction content to the other versions, and then if I have time, more reading. And of course, late-late tomorrow night will be the midnight release of Issue 11!

Oh, and hey, I keep forgetting to mention: This is Banned Books Week (9/26-10/3)! Celebrate by reading and sharing your favorite banned book! Here’s a great list of Banned Books Week lists, resources and news.

And lest we forget to state it plainly: Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to submit to the LGBTQ issue!

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