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Jul 15th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Argh… okay. I actually now have everything to finish Issue 9. But I got the last of it too late to finish tonight. So tomorrow it is. Man, now I’m really worried about having time to get copies before WorldCon. may have to pay for faster shipping.

Kay and I spent some time today prepping for WorldCon… mainly, confirming reservations, planning routes/dates/times, etc. (Seriously, this IS relevant! The trip is part CG-business related, part pleasure, so this counts as running CG… *cough*) We toyed with the idea of taking a bus to Montreal instead of driving – it would have been nice to not have to do the actual driving, but in the end it was a bit more expensive and a lot less convenient, so we nixed it. Also, this way we have the entire trunk for souvenirs!

Actually we’re pre-buying some books for the con, either because they’re cheaper this way, or the odds of finding them there will be slim. We’re putting together a list – a short one since we can’t afford to splurge too much. One thing we decided, though, is that we want to buy some books from guests of the con that we don’t really know. We already own a number of Neil Gaiman books, for example, or Connie Willis books – but there are plenty of writers who are guests of the convention that aren’t “names”. We like supporting the “little guy”, and we like taking a chance at discovering new writers to enjoy, so we’re going to pick a few we’ve never heard of and buy their books.

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