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Jul 1st, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Since my post last night was only about the release of Issue 8, Here’s a proper post about yesterday (6/30).

First, to whomever went and tracked down the Flash Fiction poll AFTER the deadline, even though I’d already removed all links from the website, and placed about a dozen extra votes: that was low. Votes are all marked with date and time, and ALL of your votes have been discounted.

Last month was by FAR our best yet. We surpassed our previous best for traffic by almost 75%, and at far better rates than anything we’ve ever seen. Also, even though it caused us to fall a bit behind our schedule, we had a lot of fun with the flash fiction contest, and were thrilled with the response. We may just do it again sometime soon. (And the results of the vote will be posted tomorrow, July 2, if you were wondering.)

Last night was crazy busy. In addition to updating the site with the new issue, we rolled out the new submission form, so the updates to the site took longer than I’d expected…. good thing I started early! I also realized while I was doing it that even though I’d written up the HTML for the submissions page, I hadn’t done the same for the separate sub-pages. I ended up doing that on the fly. (They didn’t need a lot of changing; just removing the old email addresses and adding links to the submission form.) I also did some last-minute emailing, and sent an email to contributors, letting them know that the issue was live and providing them with some of their compensation (i.e. the free digital copies they’re entitled to).

After everything was set, I went and created some new ads through Project Wonderful. Kasey Gifford, our wonderfully talented cover artist, gave us permission to use the cover art in ads! I love this art, and I think it’s definitely an eye-catcher. The giraffe’s little spindly legs make me laugh every time I look at it. I love how the scene is cheerful and fun, but if you think about it, it’s really pretty disturbing.

I also did a bit of reading yesterday. We ended up with only about 65% as many submission as the previous month. I’m really hoping that was because of the Flash Fiction contest. (We’ve already received a few submissions for the July genre, so we’re off to a good start there!)

We’ll be reading through all the submissions over the next few days and making our choices. hopefully the weather will clear up enough for us to have a nice break for the holiday weekend somewhere in the middle.

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