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Just one day left to submit your Alternate History stories!

Just one day left to vote for your favorite Flash Fiction story!

Today, we were utterly flabbergasted to discover that the proof copy of the Issue 8 print edition arrived! From submitting the files and requesting a proof to its arrival took just four days, by far the fastest turnaround yet. We’re extremely grateful that this happened the month we were later than usual in getting through the process – amazingly, the print edition will be available on Release Day! WOO-HOO! (It looks incredible, by the way. The cover art came out even better than I’d hoped!)

Today I managed to get the pdf edition finished, although it wasn’t as easy as I’d expected; somehow the sizing of the cover had gotten screwed up. I had to fix it with the rudimentary image software I had available to me, which was frustrating, but I beat it into submission eventually.

I also sent out a bunch of contributor contracts and payments. While I was getting them ready I realized I didn’t have two addresses! So I did some quick emailing to the contributors in question to get that squared away. (I tell you, it’s really annoying that a copy of the contract plus a payment check is JUST over the 1-ounce limit for a first class stamp within the US. I want to start sending the contract in 10-pt font to cut a page off it: it’s not the money so much as the gross inconvenience of needing a $0.17 stamp.)

That’s it, really. I’m sort of wired knowing tomorrow is Release Day! I’m very pleased with this issue; some absolutely terrific content, gorgeous art… awesome.

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